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Biodynamic Farmscaping Talk

October 21, 2018, 7 pm

Heal habitats, feed bees, regulate pests, harmonize landscapes, save soils, sustain yields, and beautify farms, while welcoming wildlife with farmscape features, including: Beetle Banks, Companion Plantings, Cover Crops, Field Borders, Insectaries, Hedgerows, Meadows, Pastures, Riparian Buffers, and Windbreaks.

Divest from pesticides with

Biodynamic Farmscaping

A presentation by Jarrod Fowler

at Michael Field Agricultural Institute

Suggested donation $10


Biodynamics is a holistic approach that amplifies the health and vitality of farm organisms. Farmscaping is an ecological method that enhances wildlife habitats for biological pest regulation. Biodynamic Farmscaping increases farm fertility and immunity with medicinal plants and beneficial insects. Learn to diagnose disorders, prescribe remedies, and administer antidotes that help nature heal.

Jarrod Fowler is a horticulturist, entomologist, conservationist, and artist from Massachusetts. Information online at: jarrodfowler.com/info.html

The Biodynamic Association and Michael Fields are co-sponsoring this special event.