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    Farm Tour: Keeping Water in our Soil

    9:00 am-1:00 pm
    5952 Co Rd Z, Spring Green, WI 53588, USA

    Uplands Watershed Group Farm Tour and Farmer-Fisherman Lunch

    9:20 am Stapleton Grain and Hay Farm
    5952 County Rd Z, Spring Green WI  53588

    10:45 am Cates Grass-fed Beef Farm
    5992 County Rd T, Spring Green WI  53588

    The farm tour will be followed by lunch at the Cates Farm, compliments of the Uplands Watershed Group.

    Come discuss practices that are useful for your farm and that help water infiltrate into your soil. See no-till drilling, cover crops and managed pasture systems that conserve soil and nutrients. Look inside a soil pit and see in-field soil texts conducted.

    Then enjoy burgers, plus seafood caught by fishermen in the Gulf – whose challenges with nutrient build-up and biological die-off in the Gulf Dead Zone we seek to help through our conservation practices. Hear Gulf fisherman Lance Nacio explain why it matters.

    There is no fee, but thank you for RSVPing.   RSVP online here


    For questions, contact:
    Margaret Krome, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (608)283-1440, mkrome@sbcglobal.net
    or Gene Schriefer, Iowa County Extension (608)930-9850