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Composting with Purpose Workshop

Designing & implementing a windrow compost system for small to large farms

July 8th, 9 am – 3 pm, Full-day Field Day, Curtes Farm, 4200 Lily Road, West Bend, WI $70 (lunch included)

The advantage of hot controlled compost for improving soil fertility and the environment.

This Field Day is an extension of the March Compost Workshop which explores the role of high quality compost on soil fertility and environmental systems challenged by today’s agricultural practices. This workshop specifically discussed how to use a fast, hot fermentation compost method using animal manures and integrated with biodynamic farming principles. Whether its for your kitchen, home or farm resources, learn how to improve your existing compost system or design, implement and manage a new compost system.

Instructor Angela Curtes is owner of Grounded LLC (www.groundedllc.net) a small business located in southeast Wisconsin, which produces, sells, and educates about a hot controlled fermentation compost integrating 12th century methods with biodynamic principles. A native of Wisconsin, Angela has worked for over 23 years in the fields of environmental and wilderness education, natural and farm lands preservation, and soil fertility, chromatography, compost production, and education. She has worked for local and national land trusts and private individuals aiding to preserve over 2,900 acres of natural and farm lands in southeast WI since 2001. Her latest venture in safeguarding our living soils, began in Germany in 2012 where she intensively studied the hot controlled compost method in large scale farming operations.

Field Day Fee: $70 (includes lunch)
Option to purchase book – ‘Humus on the Farm’ by Roland Ulrich for $18

Register online here Register today! Day of, walk-in fee is $10 more.

Instructor: Angela Curtes, owner GROUNDED LLC