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WI Conservation Farmers to visit the Gulf

The conservation farmers with whom MFAI works in Iowa County were grateful for a visit from Louisiana fishermen last September. After the fishermen traveled up (with delicious seafood) to discuss with us how their livelihoods depend on the water quality coming down the Mississippi River from farms in the Upper Midwest (see the VIDEO here), this group of farmers wanted to take a trip to the Louisiana Bayou to visit them in return, before the spring planting season got totally underway. In mid-March (2017), MFAI and several farmers, journalists, and experts on nutrient management are taking a trip to meet our fishermen on their ground, and we’re getting pretty excited about the trip – the seafood, going fishing in the Gulf with fishermen we met last fall, meeting researches who study the Dead Zone, and more. We’ll tell you about the trip next month.

Louisiana fisherman Rory Lovell cooking shrimp