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“Cover Crops in Wisconsin” Website Launched

cc-logo-smallThe Wisconsin Cover Crop workgroup has launched a new website designed to be a clearinghouse for cover crop information in Wisconsin. We are a multi-agency group that conducts research and provides unbiased information to help farmers use cover crops to improve their production systems and minimize soil loss. Jim Stute, Research Director at the Institute is a founding member and core leader.
We use this webpage to provide farmers with what we have determined to be best management practice recommendations for cover crops in Wisconsin. We have developed these recommendations by pulling together information from farmers, cover crop seed companies, results of cover crop research projects and Natural Resource and Conservation Service recommendations. The recommendations on this page will be updated as we learn more about cover crops. Topics covered include: cover crop uses and benefits; selection and management; economics; Wisconsin research; featured Wisconsin cover crop users and an events calendar. The website can be found here

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