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Esther Shekinah

Research Scientist

Dr. Esther Shekinah Durairaj joined Michael Fields recently and assists with research and grant writing at the Institute. She earned her Masters and Doctorate degrees in Agronomy from India, and comes to the organization with more than 15 years of experience as an agricultural research scientist with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research. During her time at the ICAR – National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use Planning, she worked on resource and residue recycling in agricultural systems, cropping systems, and co-developed land use plans for the five major agroecosystems of India. Later, working at ICAR – Sugarcane Breeding Institute as a Senior Scientist, she focused her research on conservation and sustainable use of resources, micro irrigation and some basic studies on sugarcane physiology. She is passionate about the cause of sustainable agriculture, and engages herself in ways and means for conservation of resources, diversity in cropping systems and organic agriculture. She is also working to involve herself with women in agriculture.