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Farm insurance- What, Why, How Much?! Find answers

In early January, the Institute hosted a two-day farm law workshop for farmers. It was very well evaluated, and no surprise, because it was Farm Commons staff whom we hosted to deliver their practical information for farmers.

The more we see of Farm Commons, the more impressed we are. Here’s the latest information from them about a practical on-line tutorial about how to manage risk.

“At Farm Commons, we get asked some questions a lot:
• What happens if someone is injured on my farm?
• Do I really need workers’ compensation at my farm?
• Do I have enough insurance? Too much?
• What are farmers doing about crop insurance these days?
When it comes to insurance, farmers often have more questions than answers.


Farm Commons has created an online tutorial to help resolve them.

This interactive tutorial will assist farmers (and their advocates) in understanding and prioritizing the specific legal risks and insurance needs for individual operations. Have a pen and paper ready, as viewers have the opportunity to develop an action plan for getting insurance coverage that best matches the farm’s actual needs.

This tutorial begins by walking producers through the process of developing a risk assessment/exposure profile specific to their farm. Equipped with this risk assessment, folks will have a better sense of the insurance options to consider more closely. Now what?

“Manage Your Farming Legal Risks with Insurance” highlights key aspects of four core insurance categories for farms: (1) property insurance, including structures and equipment, (2) crop and livestock insurance, (3) liability for worker injuries, and (4) liability for other injuries, including guests and farm owners. These sections are full of practical tips and action steps.

The tutorial can be watched in entirety or by section. Overall, it will guide viewers through the process of evaluating and obtaining the best coverage for farm and ranch operations.

Go to our website anytime to learn more. While you are there, check out all our detailed resources on farm insurance and on other farm law subjects including farm employment, food safety, and more. Users need to create an account – which is free and easy – before utilizing our resources.”