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Farm Law Resources Available Online

A popular Farm Law Workshop was held at Michael Fields in Jaunuary, the folks at Farm Commons have developed a set of 8 different FAQ sheets on common farm law questions.  They are all available online.

A recent one is frequently asked questions about Land Leasing for Your Sustainable Farm Enterprise

The best lease between a farmer and a landowner is the one that accounts for the unique needs and expectations of the parties involved. Ideally, a lease is the product of communication and understanding between the parties, and it creates pathways to solve problems that might arise. This FAQ answers the following questions about this process.
• The owner of the farmland and I get along great! We don’t really need a written lease, do we?
• I’m afraid the owner of my farmland will want to terminate the lease early. What can I do about that?
• Who normally takes care of things like property taxes, insurance, water, etc., in a farmland lease arrangement? The owner or the farmer?
• I want to make significant improvements on the farmland I’m leasing. How can I protect my investment if I do this?
• Ultimately, I want long term land tenure. How can my lease agreement protect my investment in a piece of land over the long term?

Find all the answers by downloading this FAQ at the Farm Commons website. While you are there, you’ll find a wide range of resources on sustainable farm law including print guides, podcasts, and recorded webinar tutorials.

Farm Commons is a 501c3 charitable organization that helps sustainable farmers become stable and resilient. They work within communities to empower sustainable farmers in matters of transactional law, including land leasing, sales, employment law, business structures, insurance/liability, and value added ventures. Access a wealth of free legal education resources on their website anytime: www.farmcommons.org