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Farm Law Tip Sheets

In mid-June, MFAI’s Policy Program Director, Margaret Krome, participated in one of Farm Commons’ excellent Farm Law 101 for Ag Professionals workshops. With funding support from the federal Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program, Farm Commons, has written and posted a series of excellent tip sheets about a wide variety of topics relevant to farmers, rural land-owners, rural businesses, and many others. The list of such sheets is as follows:

Payroll Taxes Tipsheet–How much can I pay workers before I need to pay attention to payroll tax, etc.?
Why Form an LLC? Tipsheet
Succession Planning Tipsheet–I want to transfer my sustainable farm to a successor. Where do I start?
Chemical Drift Response Tipsheet–Who is responsible and what actions can the organic farmer take to recover damages from chemical drift?
Chemical Drift Prevention Tipsheet–What actions can organic farmers take to protect their crops from chemical drift?
Lease Agreement Tipsheet: Who’s Responsible for What Under a Farmland Lease?
Lease Termination Tipsheet–My landlord wants to end our lease. Can the landlord do that, and can I prevent it?
Fence Law Tipsheet— A new property survey conflicts with a fence and the property line that has been followed for decades. What now?
Dealing with Regulators Tipsheet: An inspector, certifier or other regulator has made a decision I disagree with. What can I do?
Value-Added/Agritourism and Taxes Tipsheet: How does starting an agritourism or value-added venture affect my taxes?
Insurance Tipsheet–What insurance should I purchase for my sustainable farm? How much insurance do I need?