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Grant Writing Workshops

“We work hard with other advocates to create and keep programs that serve sustainable agriculture farmers and consumers, so it’s important to have those programs be used.”  So saying, in early March, Michael Fields Policy Director Margaret Krome finished her fourth grant-writing workshop since the start of the year.  After collaborating with her colleague Sagdrina Jalal to present a workshop to 120 participants at her workshop at the Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group conference in late January, Margaret joined Wisconsin SARE Program Coordinator Diane Mayerfeld at the MOSES Organic Conference in late February to conduct a workshop on Designing and Writing Grants for On-Farm Research.  She also offered a grant-writing workshop over the lunch period for two different groups of graduate students at UW-Madison’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.  

The Institute posts a number of handouts from these workshops and two recent powerpoint presentations on our website. 
Find them here