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Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Food Summit

In May, Assistant Policy Director, Devon Hamilton, was invited to attend and volunteer for the Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Food Summit in Tama, Iowa, hosted by the Meskwaki Nation. He spent his time between workshops learning about indigenous conservation practices and volunteering in the kitchen, working with nationally recognized chefs on indigenous, sustainable food to feed over 300 hungry attendees. “I can’t thank the Meskwaki Nation and the many other tribes present enough for inviting me into such a sacred space,” said Devon. “Because of this summit, I’ve started the journey of truly learning the meaning of community and sustainability, how the two intersect, and the need to adopt these values in conventional conservation practices.”

The chefs who helped prepare, forage and serve the meals

Volunteers building the wikiup

Devon cutting local, foraged mushrooms, and Ben Jacobs and Lorretta Oden adding locally foraged ingredients to a spring salad