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MFAI opposes House Farm Bill

Michael Fields joined over 500 organizations nationwide in opposing the version of the 2018 Farm Bill that, as of this writing, was passed by the House Agriculture Committee, and is headed to the Floor. (Lists of others who have signaled their opposition can be seen here.  There are myriad reasons to oppose the House bill.

This bill would remove limitations on the size of federal farm subsidies to large, corporate, and absentee farmers – which means that smaller farmers will continue to be squeezed out of business and that beginning farmers will have a harder time entering the business. At the same time, it would impose work requirements for poor people to access the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka “Food Stamps”). It would functionally eliminate the Conservation Stewardship Program, the popular voluntary conservation program that serves farmers on more acreage than any other program. It would undermine efforts to support beginning farmers, organic farmers, and farmers of color. It cuts supports for small businesses in rural communities. And on and on. Read more about the House’s extreme bill in an opinion editorial written by MFAI’s Policy Director, Margaret Krome and published in The Capital Times.

We see a few hopeful signs that the Senate bill will be a more balanced, bipartisan process and will yield a more responsible bill. We certainly hope that will be the case.