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Shaking the Federal Money Tree: MFAI Educates and Helps with Grant-writing

At the dynamic Women, Food, and Agriculture Network (WFAN) 20th anniversary conference in Madison, November 3-5, MFAI’s Margaret Krome presented a workshop on how to design sound projects, where to find federal (and non-federal) funding to support sustainable agriculture projects, and the basics of grant-writing. Participants gave the workshop a big thumbs-up, with 100% saying that it met or exceeded their expectations.

This workshop followed on the heels of the four that MFAI did around the state in October in collaboration with Wisconsin’s SARE program, the state agriculture department, and several USDA programs. We always love to hear the great ideas that people around the state have to make their farms more profitable, supporting community food security, investing in conservation programming, conducting on-farm research, and so many more great ideas.

At every workshop we shared information about how to access MFAI’s free Grants Advising services by contacting our Grants Adviser, Kitt Healy at (630)346-4749 or gracekhealy@gmail.com. Kitt won’t write a person’s grant for them, but she will help think through grant strategy, identify programs that could be useful, review thinking points, review drafts, and in other ways walk applicants through the process toward success!