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Sustain Dane Summit Live Forward Awards

Friday, November 2nd, Sustain Dane hosted their annual summit on the UW Madison campus. This year featured a keynote presentation by Victoria Barrett, various other interactive activities and conversations around sustainability and the environment, and presentations by this year’s Live Forward awardees. Michael Field’s Associate Policy Director, Devon Hamilton, was one of three recipients receiving the award, along with Donale Richards and and Alex Lindenmeyer, and was invited to present at the summit.

In the spirit of collaboration, Devon and Donale decided to co-present, inviting their colleagues Malissa Givhan and previous MFAI Associate Policy Director George Reistad, to come speak with them. The four spoke on their definition of sustainability as it relates to intersectionality, and the many ways the community based groups they work with in Madison embody this definition. The presentation concluded with a lesson on proper allyship and a charge to protect, support, and uplift community members who have dedicated their lives to the sustainable work being done in communities of color across the city and state.