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Upper Midwest CRAFT Schedule of 2018 Field Days

Upper Midwest CRAFT (coordinated by Angelic Organics Learning Center (AOLC) is a farmer-led training alliance organized by sustainable agriculture farmers in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and the Chicagoland area. Seasoned farmers offer their time, talents, and expertise to help prepare the next generation of farmers. Farmers of all levels of experience have joined as well as food advocates, chefs, and organizations. Field Days cover a range of topics including livestock, grazing, biodynamics, using machinery, and animal husbandry, among others. Participants get a chance to learn these skills as well as tour farms and meet with other farmers.

To view the full 2018 Field Day schedule, go to https://www.learngrowconnect.org/field

Field Days are free for Upper Midwest CRAFT members and $20 for non-members. New members can sign up for an Upper Midwest CRAFT membership for $25 (half the price of a regular membership) at https://www.learngrowconnect.org/craft-signup by entering the code 2018NEWCRAFT25 at checkout. In addition, AOLC has scholarships for military veterans to become Upper Midwest CRAFT members, email farmertraining@learngrowconnect.org for details.

Learn more about the Upper Midwest CRAFT by going to https://learngrowconnect.org/craft.