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Welcome MFAI’s newest Grants Advising Team Member

The Institute is excited to announce that Martin Bailkey, PhD, joins Kitt Healy as part of our Grants Advising team.  MFAI offers a number of free services to help farmers and those working with farmers in the Midwest identify grant and loan programs that might be useful to them and successfully apply.  Our Grants Advisers won’t actually write an applicant’s proposal, but they help applicants who are unfamiliar with grant-writing identify appropriate programs to apply to; help them draft thinking points; review drafts of proposals; help them navigate the application process; help them set up a reporting system if they succeed in getting a grant; and many other services.  For many people, including those beyond the Midwest, a crucial service is the list-serve that informs recipients of upcoming application periods; write to martinbailkey@gmail.com to ask to be included on that list-serve.

Bailkey is a seasoned grant-writer, federal grant reviewer, and a longstanding national leader in community food security, and sustainable food systems.  He also has worked for community and national groups in those fields, taught at the college level for 15 years, and co-managed a major multi-year grant on community and regional food systems.  He lives in Madison, where he is a member of the Madison Food Policy Council.  We are fortunate to have him join our team.

For more information about MFAI’s grants advising, see MFAI’s Grants Advising and Resources in the Midwest and Grants Advising for Farmers and Agricultural Entrepreneurs in Wisconsin