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What is Anthroposophy?

A Hands-on Discourse
Friday March 3, 2017,  Potluck Social 5:30 pm, Lecture 7–9 pm

What can the human being (anthropos) of today do to recognize our inherent wisdom (sophia) to access the source of spiritual knowledge, for our own inner development, and for the evolution of the earth and all of humanity?

What would it be like to support each other in community, as we strive to penetrate the mystery of our relationship with the spiritual world?

How does this ‘Spiritual Science’ built on the research of Rudolf Steiner, speak to the riddles of existence: our artistic needs, the truth of karma, the mystery of evil, life after death and so much more?

A Experiential Three Part Workshop ‘The Spiritual Guidance of the Individual and Humanity’
Saturday March 4, 2017 10 am—6 pm *

This short book consists of three sections. Each section was originally a lecture (6, 7, and 8 June 1911) but was subsequently reworked by Steiner and cast into the form of an essay. Some of the topics treated in this book are: the nature of the brain, the development of speech, angelic beings, ancient language, Zarathustra, Buddha, and Christ.

Session #1 – 10 am – 12 noon
Noon – 1:30 pm – Lunch
Session #2 – 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
3:30 pm – 4 pm – Break
Session #3 – 4 pm – 6 pm

*Workshops can be taken as a whole or individually.

 Come Explore this Modern Path of Initiation with: Hazel Archer-Ginsberg – Festivals Coordinator & Council Member of the Chicago Rudolf Steiner Branch, and the Central Regional Coucil of the Anthroposophical Society. Founder of Reverse Ritual Understanding Anthroposophy Through the Rhythms of the Year– Presenter, Poet, & Trans-denominational Minister.


Questions email workshops@michaelfields.org or 262-642-3303 ext 100

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