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Who Speaks for the Soil? The Water?

The threat of global warming, climate change, and food insecurity is real and threatens resources for future generations.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute has undertaken these challenges, and we ask you to join us in supporting farmers adapting to changing environments and transitioning to sustainable farming systems.

Sustainability is the peace policy of the future.

— YES, it’s possible, farmers can produce more for a growing population, with less input keeping soil and water healthy, all under more extreme weather conditions.

Your values for a sustainable future align with ours. Together we can make a real and substantial impact. Some of the important ways we are doing this is by helping people see their role in the larger ecosystem through watersheds, researching crop systems and soil health, empowering the next generation of farmers, creating ag leaders in urban areas, conservation consulting. and driving federal and state policies that effectively support sustainable land use systems.

We are extremely grateful a donor has promised to match every dollar you donate this year. Your funding helps us carry out our goal of working with nature
toward healthy, environmentally sound, food and farming systems.

Join us in supporting Sustainable Agriculture today.

When your children and grandchildren ask you what you did to help create a sustainable world, tell them you  gave generously and invested in soil health, clean water and healthy food through sustainable farming, carbon sequestration and conserving the earth’s resources for future generations.



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