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2012 MFAI Interns and Their Stories

I am Anna.  I am from Barcelona and two months ago I was working as a journalist in a local television.  My life has changed a lot in this time because I have replaced the camera and the computer for the shovel and the rubber-boots.  For me, it’s not a step backwards.  This change is helping me to begin a new way in another country, with a nice project and with nice people.  I expect learning a lot during the next months and then I want to be able to apply this new knowledge in Spain and work in the fields but at the same time write and make documentaries about the importance of organic foods.  I want to use all my last experiences to spread the philosophy of organic food in my country and raise awareness in the society. I think it is possible.

My name is Sònia and I come from Barcelona, Spain.  I have been already a bit more than one month in Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, and I can say that it is being a great experience so far.  Anna, the other intern, and me discovered MFAI through SCI (International Civil Service).  SCI is a non-profit organization that promotes inter-cultural oriented exchanges, and focuses on pace building, environmental and social issues.  MFAI was one of the Long Term Volunteering opportunities offered by SCI, so we applied for it and here we are!

Every day is a new learning experience:  sowing, transplanting, pruning, discovering new plants and learning how to take care of them.  Thanks to Shawn Murray, our mentor, and all MFAI team, we are learning a lot and enjoying the experience of being in East Troy!  I studied environmental Sciences and I came here in order to complement my academic background in a more practical way.

Stella Gardens is a beautiful, organic and biodynamic market garden located behind the main building at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.  The goal of the gardens is to provide healthy, fresh food to the local community and to provide an environment to train young farmers on the fundamentals of sustainable agriculture. As a Stella Gardens Intern, one works and learns how to grow and maintain healthy annual and perennial crops, as well as create a habitat for the beneficial organisms that help support our gardens.  The majority of the work is done with hand tools, which build strong bodies and an intimate understanding of the importance of healthy soil.  The fruit and vegetables will be sold at the on-site farm stand, to local schools, businesses and local farmer’s market.