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Andrew Lorand

Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

Andrew Lorand has been a farmer, gardener, university professor, private consultant, anthroposophical teacher, author, inventor, and researcher – as well as a member of the pioneering group that founded and spread the CSA movement in North America. He earned his PhD from Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences with an award winning doctoral dissertation on biodynamics. Since 2004 he has helped convert over 3 dozen top wineries/vineyards to biodynamics in 6 European countries and has given training programs to over 90 wineries and to dozens other kinds of farming operation managers. Prior to his recent years in Europe, Lorand worked with biodynamic viticulture intensively starting in 1991 and developed biodynamic learning communities for viticulture in California and Oregon, helping to convert numerous vineyards and wineries up and down the West Coast. Lorand is also the author of articles on various aspects of biodynamic farming, gardening and viticulture, both in English and German.