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Angela L. Curtes

Angie has worked for over 20 years within the fields of environmental and wilderness education, and natural area and farmland preservation.  She graduated from Prescott College, Arizona in 1992 with BA degrees in Environmental Studies and Alternative Education.  She co-founded and co-directed Common Earth: Educational Adventures of the Earth and Mind for 8 years in Marin, California, leading women and girls of diverse economic and cultural backgrounds into wilderness settings to build leadership skills, confidence, and awareness and connections to the natural world.  During this time she also worked full-time as the Education Director of the Pacific Environment and Resources Center (PERC), an international non-profit, directing and teaching K-12 global environmental education programs to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2000, she moved back home to her family’s farm in southeast Wisconsin where she began working for the Ozaukee Washington Land Trust as their Lands Specialist, and as Assistant Director, guiding natural area and farmland preservation efforts to preserve over 2,000 acres in less than 8 years. In 2008, Angela began work for a national land trust, Yggdrasil Land Foundation, as their first Acting Executive Director since their founding in 2000.  This work focused on a gap in the land trust movement of sustainable agriculture preservation and specifically biodynamic and organic farmland preservation.  Since 2012, she has worked for Skylark, Inc. as its Lands Director to co-create a land preservation strategy to protect 800 acres for sustainable, non-chemical agriculture production, research, and education. Her interest in biodynamic agriculture led to a 2 month intensive study, under mentors Roland Ulrich and Bruno Follador in Germany, where she learned the hot controlled fermentation compost method and chromatography.  In June 2012 she implemented a compost pilot project producing over 160 tons of humus-quality compost within a 6 month period.  She has also set up a chromatography lab to test base farm soils and compost qualities.