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Anna Aragon Suy (Admin Intern 2013/Stella Gardens intern 2012)

I have exchanged my camera and notebook for rubber boots and a shovel. My name is Anna. You can read it backwards or forwards and it is still the same. It is adaptable like me.  Some months ago I was working at a television station in Barcelona. Now I am working every day at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and I am the happiest person in the world.  I loved being a journalist, but sometimes in life one can become a bit lost. Now I am here and trying to find a new direction.  I was born in a little town called Anglès about 80 miles from Barcelona. My family is very humble and hard working. They like a quiet life, but I was looking for adventure.  When I turned 18 I moved to Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. I have been living there for almost ten years now and have done a lot of things since I have been there.  I studied audio-visual communication and I acquired two master’s degrees, one in Documentary Production and one in Audiovisual Production. I started working in television when I was 22. I learned a lot during that period, but, like everything, it became routine after a while and I began to look for a change. Sometimes I miss the city a bit because I love going to the cinema and going out with my friends.  Nevertheless, I have had many new experiences here in East Troy, and the people have been very kind and welcoming.  Also, I can continue to work in my own field of journalism while I am here.  I have done the poster of The Film festival here in Michael Fields and I will do some videos for the website (www.michaelfields.org/stella-gardens). Sometimes I think I’d like to combine my work in the fields with my professional experience. It’s a bit strange but possible. I am a happy and extroverted person, and I am an easy person to be with. One of my goals while I am here is to improve my English. I have only been here for two months, and I know that my English could be better.  A friend told me once that the best way to learn is thinking about the new language all the time. I have started to do that, and now I sometimes even dream in English. Could that mean that that I am beginning to catch on?  I don’t know about that, but I cannot stop dreaming, and if I dream in English, so much the better.