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Annual Campaign for Federal Sustainable Agriculture Funding

For many years, MFAI’s Policy Program has coordinated the movement’s annual grassroots appropriations campaign, seeking to optimize funding of programs chosen as priorities by members of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC).

The sustainable agriculture movement benefits from increased federal funding to its priority programs.  These programs advance the goals embedded in sustainable agriculture, such as increased use of resource-conserving production practices, better markets for farmers using such practices, and better access for consumers of all income levels to safe, affordable, nutritious food.

As the nation struggles through the current economic recession, public focus has increased on the nation’s precarious fiscal situation.  But for twenty years, MFAI’s Policy Program Director, Margaret Krome, has grappled with federal budgets and appropriation as coordinator of the annual grassroots appropriations campaign for the sustainable agriculture movement.  In recent years, the federal budget and appropriations processes have grown more tumultuous, and sustainable agriculture programs repeatedly have been endangered, with rare opportunities for funding increases arising. The movement only can protect existing programs and create funding gains if it has a strategic and disciplined campaign flexible enough to react quickly to changing circumstances.