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Antoine Bourdon (Stella Gardens intern)

Hi my name is Antoine,

I am 24 years old and I just arrived from France to do these 8 months internship at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and I must say that I am pretty excited about this!

To explain a bit about my background, I have just graduated from a Master’s degree Program on environmental and industrial risks management. To sum up, I’m interested in minimizing the impact that we have on our environment and to create a sustainable balance.
As agriculture has to deal with water, energy, biodiversity and food management, I decided that this field could be a good way to link my training and my need to work on something concrete.

On top of that, I am also interested in cooking and I dream of producing and eating my own healthy and tasty products.

About my expectations during this internship, I really want to improve my English in order to start learning a third language. My aim is also to learn about sustainable agriculture and to share as much as I can by meeting new people. I am always interested in different cultures and points of view. This way I can understand and adapt myself in many situations.

Finally, this experience is also a test to see if I have a green thumb, and if I enjoy working in the fields even during hard times so I will know if I am made for this or not.