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Assistance For Grants To Innovate and Educate

By: Deirdre Birmingham

 Have you been thinking about experimenting on your farm to increase your profitability, conserve natural resources, or provide a healthier product to consumers?

Do you want to help youth learn about growing food and fiber sustainably?

Then you should consider applying to the SARE Farmer-Rancher or the SARE Youth Educator Program.  SARE is the USDA’s Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.  It runs regionally and applications are being taken now in the “North-Central Region”, which comprises primarily midwestern states.

Not only should you consider applying, but if you are based in Wisconsin or if you are a minority or woman farmer in the Midwest, Michael Fields’ Grants Advising can help you submit a competitive application.

Time is of the essence as good projects and good proposals describing them are not created over night.

More information and applications to SARE’s grants are here. Deadlines are:
• Youth Educator – November 15
• Farmer-Rancher – November 29

After you’ve taken a look at the grant programs, contact Michael Fields’ Grants Advisor, Deirdre Birmingham at deirdreb@mindspring.com or 608-219-4279 to get free advice and assistance.