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Biodynamic Methods into Practice on Your Farm and Garden

Join us on a journey into applied Biodynamic farming and gardening methods on April 12th from 9am until 3 pm at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. If you have taken the Intro in Biodynamic Agriculture in the past, this workshop will teach you the next steps to follow.

Learn what tools you need to apply the preps, how to make biodynamic compost and how to apply the biodynamic standards to your farm and garden. Do you have questions about the preps or the calendar? This workshop is the best place to get answers.

The instructor, Brian Wickert is a biodynamic practitioner with years of experience and a member of MFAI Board of Directors. The workshop will combine theoretical aspects of biodynamic farming and gardening with hands on, practical methods of instruction. Participants should have a basic understanding of Biodynamic principles and familiarity with the Demeter Association Biodynamic Farm Standard (www.demeter-usa.org).

The cost for the workshop is $60 and includes lunch and snacks (CRAFT and Fairshare members receive a 20%discount). If you need to stay overnight, Michael Fields Agricultural Institute rents dorm style rooms for $25 per night.

For questions or to register call 362 642 3303 ext 100, or register on line at http://bit.ly/mfaiwfw

Limited registrations, please secure your place early and dress for the weather.