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Bridget Holcomb

Associate Director – Public Policy

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute-East Troy, WI

I could not have asked for a better way to begin a career in sustainable agriculture policy than this policy internship. As a recent college graduate I knew that I wanted to enter into this field, and knew enough about sustainable agriculture policy to know that there wasn’t a college class that could prepare me for such a career. This internship gave me the experience and connections that catapulted me into a career in sustainable agriculture policy. This internship showed me the inner workings of grassroots campaigning, building coalitions, and working with legislators and government staff towards funding and implementing important sustainable agriculture programs. I also had the opportunity to meet people from across the country who are part of this movement.

Directly after this internship the Illinois Stewardship Alliance recognized the experience I had gained and the connections I had made as an intern, and hired me to work on state and federal policy. I later returned to Michael Fields as the Associate Policy Director where, among many other priorities, I work with current policy interns as they learn about the sustainable agriculture movement.