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Composting with Purpose Workshop


The advantage of hot controlled compost for improving soil fertility and the environment
March 18, 2017 Workshop
9am-noon, $40
This half day, indoor workshop will explore the role of high quality compost on soil fertility and environmental systems challenged by today’s agricultural practices. This workshop will specifically discuss how to use a fast, hot fermentation compost method using animal manures and integrated with biodynamic farming principles. Whether its for your kitchen, home or farm resources, learn how to improve your existing compost system or design, implement and manage a new compost system.


Designing & implementing a windrow compost system for small to large farms
July 8, 2017 Field Day
9am-3pm, $70 (lunch included)
This field day workshop brings us on-site the Curtes Farm near West Bend, WI where Grounded LLC processes its hot controlled fermented compost. Explore the steps involved in choosing your compost site location, resources, tools and machinery, and how to best design, manage, and implement a windrow compost system for small to large farm operations. This course will open discussions on how integrating biodynamic compost preparations can aid in the fermentation process and how high quality compost can reclaim damaged soils, build natural humus structure, and alleviate environmental impacts resulting from less ideal
manure management styles.

Instructor: Angela Curtes, owner GROUNDED LLC www.groundedllc.net


For questions email mailto:worshops@michaelfields.org or call 262-642-3303 x 100

Option to purchase book $18

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