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David Mroch, 2015 Garden Intern

My name is David Mroch. I grew up in East Troy, Wisconsin and was always aware of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. My professional background for the last 13 years has been in live music entertainment. I am owner of Backpocket Productions LLC and am contracted as a promoter rep and production manager for arena, amphitheater, theatre and stadium shows throughout the Midwest.
The last 3 years I have begun to focus my attention and time towards growing healthy food and energy for my family and I. I have implemented over 2 acres of vegetable gardens, fruit trees, laying hens and composting using spent grain from a Milwaukee brewery on 10 acres in East Troy. Knowing that I learn best by doing, I enrolled in Michael Fields Agricultural Institute’s Internship Program, which I have found to be a valuable resource. They are helping me by providing proven methods and important information in all aspects from farm to table. Although my experience is still limited, I feel I am and will be much closer to my goal of owning a profitable business providing local produce and farm products thanks to Michael Fields.