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Help fund the Gardens @ Michael Fields

Your contribution will help us continue teaching Sustainable Agriculture to beginning farmers from around the world. The Garden Apprentices and Interns live at the institute for the seven month growing season. They work, learn and grow in the gardens – from seed selection, farm planning, best growing practices, business planning to market – we need your help sponsoring sustainable agriculture education.

Sustainable Agriculture produces nutrient dense food, improves soil health and helps mitigate climate change.
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Be a part of the Sustainability Movement!

$10 Buys 3 packs of seeds for our market garden

$25 Supplies new textbooks for our intern and apprentice students

$35 Helps buy new seedling trays to start our plants

$50 Pays for a bag of organic cover crop seeds

$100 Enables updates and improvements to our “homemade” germination chamber

$150 Buys a new wheel hoe with attachments

$200 Covers the cost to bring in experienced farmers and presenters from the local food movement to speak to our students

$500 Pays for our annual group field trip to another part of the state where students can visit and experience other farming systems and practices

$700 Sponsors one of our apprentices and one intern for one month

$1000 Contributes to repairs, maintenance and operating cost of our greenhouses

Your tax-deductible contribution will help to continue to fund The Gardens at Michael Fields Agricultural Institute!

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute thanks you!   Your contribution is greatly appreciated!