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Dr. Paul Dettloff, D.V.M.

Dr. Paul Dettloff has worked with Organic Valley to ensure health livestock since 2002. His Arcadia, Wisconsin, large-animal practice has become the home base of this internationally recognized organic herd health expert.

At Organic Valley, Dettloff consults with more than 1,000 member farmers across the United States in person and over the phone. He also trains field personnel, attends regional educational meetings and conducts a yearly hands-on veterinary workshop to educate farmers and conventional veterinarians on organic livestock care practices.

Dettloff is committed to sharing his vast array of knowledge with others. He parlayed the tinctures and botanicals he developed into Dr. Paul’s Lab brand herd health products and co-founded Crystal Creek, a natural veterinary supply and remedy provider. He authored Alternative Treatments for Ruminant Animals.