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Farewell from Executive Director Dave Andrews, 2010-2016


As 2016 draws to a close, my time as Executive Director is also coming to an end. It has been a great ride, so to speak. I’ve never had a position that I have learned so much from so many people. First and foremost, I’ve have been blessed with a great staff. They put up with me for a little over six years and (just ask my wife) that has not always been easy. Second, I’ve had a great Board of Directors, who allowed me to stretch my wings every once in awhile and try some new things. And I have had what I consider a very special relationship with all three of the founders of this great little Institute, but in particular, a very close friendship with Christopher Mann. Without going into the details, Christopher is a true visionary. He set the course and has kept us on the straight and narrow, always focused on doing what is best for the community by taking care of the soil, producing local organic fruits and vegetables, and always reminding us, it was all for the greater good of the community.

It really has been an amazing opportunity and one I will always be thankful for! As we part ways at the end of this month, I wish all of you, our friends, our supporters, our donors, that you continue to be involved in our work by sharing your thoughts and ideas as to where Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is headed in the future. First and foremost, care for the land and help the staff and Board at Michael Fields put sustainable production practices into place, be organic or biodynamic. By doing so, it will empower the lives of those who come in contact with the work we are doing.

Thank you for making my work both enjoyable and challenging, I have belonged to a number of “communities” in Iowa, Wisconsin and other parts of the world, but Michael Fields Agricultural Institute will always be the one that I resonate with.