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Farm Lease Opportunities in SE Wisconsin


Solutions in the Land (SITL) would like to announce farm leases between 5 and 30 acres in northeastern Kenosha County, on the Somers Farm, with easy access to I-94 and multiple Midwestern cities. Applications are currently being accepted for initial 12-24 month leases (rolling deadline). Housing adjacent to the farm is also available.

A limited number of acres at the Somers Farm can be certified organic, and the remaining are in transition. Organic farming is not a requirement for tenancy, but a stewardship plan for building soil fertility and sustainable management will be included in a lease. For a map of the available land and house rental information, visit solutionsintheland.com/proposals.

• Prime farmland with productive soils.
• Housing.
• Light farm equipment available.
• Shared infrastructure, including barn. Landowner willing to invest in additional infrastructure, including fencing, water, and other enterprise-specific needs.
• Production and marketing assistance.
• An evolving farm business cluster.

Proposals can be submitted by email or through the Solutions in the Land website. Proposals can be submitted
online at solutionsintheland.com/proposals or by email to info@solutionsintheland.com.
Questions about the submission process? Email  info@solutionsintheland.com.

Please include the following in your proposal:
1. Cover letter describing your farm concept and experience.
2. Please provide full identification and contact information of the person(s) responsible for the proposal submitted:
• Name(s)
• Address(es)
• Telephone number(s)
• E-mail address(es)
• If applicable, provide a list of licenses or certifications pertaining to this proposal.
3. Resume.
4. Lease acreage required. (5-30 acres)
5. Business Plan. Please visit the website (solutionsintheland.com) to download a template and requirements for submission of a business plan.
6. Include any other information that you believe is relevant to your proposal for tenancy.

• 5 years farming experience preferred
• Business and marketing experience preferred
• Resources: Training, networks, “go-to” for information

Land Use at the Somers Farm (see map and key)


58 Acres of conventional land and 7 acres of certifiable organic land are available for lease starting April 1, 2018. Parcels of 5-30 acres are available, and on-site housing is included in the lease.