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First couple signs of life in the germination chambers.

We’re in that funny part of the year where it’s not quite time to be outside, but yet the weather warms up for a few days and we think it’s summer. It wasn’t even a bad winter this year so I can’t really complain about spring fever, but I do still live in Wisconsin, so I will just a little bit.

It’s definitely a time of transitions. For me, I go from working alone, up on the 3rd floor, to having students and needing to provide answers and direction. Hoa has returned for a second year and is helping to get things up and running for the season. There are the annual repairs and maintenance that need to be done, along with seeding and greenhouse work, but there’s also prepping for classes and workshops and all the little things I didn’t get done during the winter. It’s time to uncover the trays and pots, organize the seeds and double check the records and plans to make sure we are ready for a new season.

On a personal note, I always know the farming season is here when I switch from business casual workwear to “farmer chic.” My watch switches from a nice metal or leather band to washable/waterproof plastic, my pretty red phone case with the clasp that makes me feel professional is exchanged for a water and dirt “resistant” one and even my hand soap toughens up with extra scrubbing potential to get all the dirt out of the cracks in my fingers.

While the calendar still says March, I know June is just around the corner. Enjoy these last few days of winter, my friends. The busy summer season is quickly approaching!