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Food Safety & Marketing Workshops

Farm Table Foundation, in collaboration with MOSES and Land Stewardship Project, is offering two daylong workshops. Offered at no cost.

Produce Farmers Are Food Handlers! Let’s do it profitably—Food Safety Workshop
March 14, 8:30 to 5:00; Trainer: Atina Diffley

How we handle our product affects the postharvest quality and safety of our food, and our relationships with buyers. Integrating food safety systems into postharvest practices and market relationships supports the development of farm systems that are viable, cost-effective, and scale-appropriate.

This food safety training is designed to help you develop and implement cost-effective, scale-appropriate food safety systems for your farm. It is hands-on and designed for active learning. We will do risk assessments in the classroom to identify potential hazards, analyze how they move on our farms, and determine if we need to take action or not. We will discuss all the areas of food safety on the farm and ways to implement cost-effective strategies in line with the work as well as discuss record keeping systems that support decision making and maximize profitability while also meeting food safety requirements. Class participants receive a free three-ring binder food safety plan template and a copy of Direct Market Success.

Bring a couple of copies of your farm maps for use in class. Line drawings, google maps, or computerized drawings all work. They don’t need to be fancy. Add basic features such as fields, high tunnels and greenhouses, buildings, bathroom facilities, wells, ponds, and other water sources.

[This training course may satisfy staff training requirements as described in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule in §§ 112.21(a) and (b). As there is not yet an equivalency evaluation process, it does not currently satisfy supervisor training described in the FSMA Produce Safety Rule 21 CFR Subpart C § 112.22(c).]

Trainer Atina Diffley is an organic produce farmer and author of the 2013 Minnesota Book Award winner, Turn Here Sweet Corn, a memoir based on Atina’s life running the Gardens of Eagan organic vegetable farm. She is a nationally acclaimed farmer-educator who has worked with more than 14,000 farmers in 43 states as FamilyFarmed‘s lead trainer.

Direct and Wholesale Marketing Success: Techniques for Increasing your Farm Income
March 21, 2019, 8:30 to 4:30; Trainer: Pam Benike

Marketing is not a passive process. Market research starts long before the seed is in the ground. In this class we’ll:
• Find the right market outlet to match your skills and personality, land, crop mix, and customers’ needs;
• Discuss trends in the food market and the pros and cons of various marketing models including: roadside stands, farmers markets, CSA, agri-tourism, restaurants, pick-your-own, on-line sales, wholesale, retail and brokers; and
• Work in class on designing a mix of markets and crops that work for your farm and market based on customers’ needs and your strengths.

Trainer Pam Benike, a lifelong farmer, combines traditional sustainable and non-chemical farming methods learned from her grandparents with new technologies. She and three of her adult children grow vegetables all winter long in three unheated hoop houses. During the spring, summer, and fall, they grow a full line of vegetables and fruits. Benike also milks a small herd of cows, makes artisan cheeses, raises cattle and pigs, and propagates an heirloom variety of wheat.

Both workshops are offered with the support of FamilyFarmed and USDA, Risk Management.

RSVP to and for questions contact: Mike programdirector@farmtablefoundation.org; 715-268-3483