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Getting Ready for Virtual Field Days!

Our farmers are essential! They have stories, histories, and practices to share on how they grow food, graze animals, and keep the soil healthy. In light of the pandemic, we have become limited in hosting large public events and farm tours. Despite this limitation, we are finding solutions to share the wisdom of WI farmers.


Alejandra Hernandez, MFAI’s Conservation Policy Associate, has been taking a sojourn across Wisconsin, from the Driftless region to the northeast corners of the state.



She is learning so much along the way, such as managing dung beetles for soil health, planting a buffet of cover crops for grazing animals, and the loving labor of herding cattle in a silvopasture system.


Are you itching to ask questions about any of these topics? Well, we got you covered! You can learn more about all these topics during our virtual field days.

We will be inviting you to plug into our virtual field days in the near future. In the meantime, Alejandra is still visiting farms and gathering footage to share with you all. Stay tuned for more information!