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Grain Hemp and CBD Research at MFAI

MFAI is once again involved in hemp research this year – the third in a row. We are currently testing grain and CBD Hemp in a varietal trail. There are 44 varieties in the CBD Hemp trial inclusive of some CBG varieties. Of these 44 varieties, 22 were raised from seeds, 4 from seedling liners, 14 from clones and 4 are auto varieties. A replicated experiment where they are grown side by side gives us a comparison between Seedlings/ clones and the trend in values of CBD/ CBG, as tested at the 3rd, 5th and 7th weeks after flowering. Our goal is to identify the best varieties for this region. This experiment is conducted in collaboration with UW Madison and Michigan State University, essentially providing us with three site years of data.

The grain hemp experiment involves 6 varieties (Alta, Altair, Rigel, Vega, Ferimon, and Yuma Crossbow). Sowing was completed on the 15th of June in 30” rows. This is an organic production system and the wide rows enable inter cultivation for weeds. The plants are 5 to 7 feet tall and are in grain production now. We will be recording the duration of each variety, the grain yield, oil and protein content, and realistically estimating the difference in yield with hand harvest and harvest with a combine.