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Hamilton Elected to Key National Role

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is happy to announce that our Assistant Policy Director, Devon Hamilton, was recently elected to serve as a member of the Organizational Council, the governance body, of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition. The Institute has worked closely with NSAC for three decades; we place a high priority on this relationship, because NSAC has blazed a tremendous track record of success in crafting policies, funding, and proper implementation for programs and agricultural policies supporting sustainable agriculture.

Along with the NSAC Managing Director, the Organizational Council establishes NSAC’s mission, oversees strategic planning and development, evaluates NSAC’s effectiveness, and provides financial oversight and approval of the annual budget. The Organizational Council also approves membership applications to NSAC. Members of the Organizational Council serve two-year terms and meet at least bi-monthly. “We’re very pleased that in the year that Devon has been with MFAI, he has grabbed hold so effectively in our work with NSAC. We are confident that he will bring continued sound judgment and creative thinking to this important role,” said Margaret Krome, MFAI’s Policy Director. “Congratulations to Devon!”