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Help Michael Fields Care for the Land

Dear Friends,

Caring for the land and attempting to put sustainable production practices in place empowers our lives and gives our life direction. At Michael Fields, I feel as if I am a part of a community. I work with people who think critically and are trying to make positive impacts in their lives and the lives of their families, their communities and the soil. This community of concerned individuals believes we, as humans are responsible for the environment in which we live. At Michael Fields Agricultural Institute we believe the environment, the fields, the insects, the livestock and the sweat of our brow is integrated into a living breathing system.

This year the work of Michael Fields Agricultural Institute has taken on greater significance with the addition of a 205-acre farm, which will become the new Research and Demonstration farm. It will be interesting to see this farm that has been in a corn and soybean rotation for many years be transformed into a diverse mix of grass and forages. As I told a recent group of visitors, it will take three years to transition this farm to certified organic status and then the real work begins. Research takes staff time, along with equipment, seeds and eventually livestock, which means a well, fencing and housing.

I feel fortunate to be able to tell you that a donor has come forward who has agreed to match every dollar you donate this year, one for one, to help fund the work that will take place on this new farm. There will be challenges ahead, of that I am sure, but after thirty-three years in this business, Michael Fields will meet those challenges and learn a bit more from each of them.

The past six and one-half years have been fun. I’ve worked in the organic industry because I know it to be a good way to keep more farmers on the farm and more money in rural towns. I believe organic farming is performing a great service to agriculture by demonstrating differing ways of farming and interacting with the environment. And finally, I believe in organic agriculture because it is a blending of the best of older ways of farming while using modern research and materials, a mix of science and esoteric mystical beliefs. It also happens to showcase all that is best in human nature and it brings together individuals who care about healthy soil and the health of their families.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute is a unique and in some ways, a mystical place. Thank you for supporting the important work of this Institute!

All the best,

David H. Andrews – Executive Director
Michael Fields Agricultural Institute