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Hemp Information Exchange

Michael Fields conducts industrial hemp production research, on-site trial plots, on-farm field days, talks and publishes research results for educational resources.

We created the Hemp Information Exchange to be a valuable resource for you and your industrial hemp endeavors.  The exchange is where you can ask your production/harvest/storage/processing questions, get them answered, and learn from other people’s questions and answers – all in your inbox.

If you would like to become a part of this exchange follow this link to subscribe Hemp Information Exchange


More Hemp Resources:

Industrial Hemp Licensing info can be found at  DATCP

Industrial Hemp Policy (federal and state) info can be found at The Hemp Roundtable

Wisconsin Hemp a Division of Extension, has numerous resources, processors, markets and more



2019 CBD Hemp Storage – Dr Leah Sandler

2019 Male v. Female Plants and Pollen Drift and CBD Considerations– Dr Leah Sandler

WI Hemp YouTube Channel – where you can find the above 2 videos and many more


Research Briefs:

Industrial Hemp for CBD – Agronomics and Cultivation Practices 

Industrial Hemp Research