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Hugo Gonzales Dupuy

Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources

I was born in Chiclayo, Peru. I lived there during 17 years until I finished High School. In 1998 I went to Lima to study Agronomy in the National Agrarian University La Molina. In 2003 I started my thesis work about rice mutants with gamma rays application. In 2004 I got my Engineer degree: Agronomist. The same year I took a trip to Europe in order to backpack and see new cultures, languages, customs, and people. When I returned to my country I started working completely in rice, corn and beans research and seed production, releasing new varieties and hybrids produced locally, in order to give the farmers in my community the option to plant local-adapted and cheap seeds, instead of foreign and expensive crops. After 3 years working in the conventional way I decided I need a new experience since the other point of view, the organic one. So, last year I spent 12 months in Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI).

This experience in the Corn Research Program kind of open my eyes to the reality, it has motivated me to work with native crops and develop an organic program in order to exploit indigenous wisdom of the environment and enhance our own flora species. Taking advantage of the vast biodiversity that exists in my country, I want to research and work with native and potential Peruvian crops, which posses several characteristics to exploit in diverse fields like medicine, food and manufacture industries; to discover new properties and benefits that could give an aggregated value to this magnificent species, through a Regional Research Program to breed local, well adapted and organic plants using genetic enhancement and selection; with the vision of helping people using their own traditional and local knowledge, sharing its benefits with the rest of the world and raising the quality of life for native people, which in many cases are relegated by society.

In order to reach my goals, actually I’m trying to get a Scholarship to study in Wageningen University and Research Center to study in the Plant Science Master’s Degree Program, with specialization in Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources. In this way I want to learn the principles to breed organic and healthy crops.