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More Humus, More Humanity: Insights and Practices out of Biodynamic Agriculture

A three-day biodynamic workshop with Bruno Follador at Michael Fields Agriculture Institute, in collaboration with the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

November 1-3, 2013, East Troy, WI

Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, the man who brought biodynamic agriculture to North America, wrote in his book Soil Fertility:

“A description of possible future hardship does not induce people to change their way of life. And the change to a self-supporting agricultural life must be preceded by corresponding training and education…The first essential thing is to awaken in them a feeling for the forces of growth, for the eternally creative forces of Nature. The next step is to awaken in them a sense of responsibility towards these forces of growth, towards the health of the soil, of plants, of animals and of men…”

Biodynamic agriculture offers a path to building a living relationship with our soils, plants, animals and the farm as a whole. In this three-day workshop, through presentations, group discussions and hands-on activities we will:

•   Introduce and deepen our understanding of core concepts and practices of biodynamics, especially those related to soil fertility, composting and the ideal that the farm is a living individuality

•   Explore Goethean science and how it can help us understand current ecological crises such as drought, floods and erosion, as well as their intrinsic relationship to social conflicts.

•   Strive for the awakening that Pfieffer called for, “to a feeling for the forces of growth, for the eternally creative forces of Nature” and to “a sense of responsibility towards these forces of growth, toward the health of the soil, of plants, of animals and of men…”

•   Strengthen our capacity as farmers to move forward with hope and insight

Weekend Presenters and Facilitators

Bruno Follador- Biodynamic Researcher and Consultant

Bruno has been working in biodynamic composting methods for several years and has worked with farmers across Latin America, Europe, and the United States. Bruno received his training in Biodynamic gardening and beekeeping at the Pfeiffer Center, in New York. For the last three years he was one of the researchers and consultants of the Ludolf Andreas Lab for Soil Fertility at Andreashof, a biodynamic farm in Germany, where he worked with compost and chromatography. At the moment he is living between Brazil and the U.S.A where he is consulting at different farms.

Thea Maria Carlson- Director of Programs, Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association

Thea is a farmer, organizer, educator, and artist with roots in California and the Midwest. Thea completed a B.S. in earth systems at Stanford University and is certified in permaculture design. Over the past decade she has enjoyed a variety of professional pursuits, including organic and biodynamic farming, beekeeping, developing community and educational gardens, teaching gardening and nutrition, organizing strategic communications training programs, and convening local food and farming networks.

Times and Location

 Friday, November 1: 4 pm – 8 pm

Saturday, November 2: 9 am – 8 pm

Sunday, November 3: 9 am- Noon (Optional afternoon tour of local biodynamic composting site)


Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

W2493 County Road ES

East Troy, WI 53120


  • $165 registration fee includes activity supplies, dinner Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and snacks. Meals and snacks are prepared with organic and biodynamic ingredients.
  • Scholarships are available through the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund. Applications must be received by October 1.
  • You may register online or contact Jodie Janovec at 262-642-3303 ext. 128 or farmandfood@michaelfields.org
  • Lodging is available in dorms at Michael Fields — please contact Jodie Janovec for reservations and pricing.