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Humus-Structured Compost Workshop Series

Humus-Structured Compost: Attaining Soil Regeneration to Address Escalating Land, Water, and Social Challenges in the 21st Century

MATC- Madison Area Technical College is pleased to invite you to attend its Professional Development Workshop Series focused on the Controlled Heat Method of Composting. This 21-hour workshop series, staged over the course of 5-months, April – August 2018, is being offered by Angela Curtes, owner of GROUNDED llc. This indoor and outdoor workshop series will explore and build understanding of the present state of affairs in agriculture through looking at history, philosophy, and science, and introduce and implement the Controlled Heat Compost Method as a means to attain vital soil regeneration for the future of our farms, land and water, and our overall well being.

For a full viewing of this Workshop Series and registration details please visit: https://madisoncollege.edu/center-for-entrepreneurship , once there go to the ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ tab of that link. Participants will need to set up a student account through MATC in order to register.