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Indiana Farm Nears Official Organic Certification

The bees have arrived

The condition of bee colonies across the United States is deteriorating and Michael Fields Agricultural Insititue is pleased to announce that a 3.5-acre parcel of land located on a farm in north central Indiana is now “a-buzz” with honey bees. In the summer of 2015, Trevor Hughes, the farmer operating the 226-acre farm donated to Michael Fields was instrumental in seeing the pollinator habitat was established. The 3.5 acres, along with the approximate 25 acres of forest and 190 acres of cropland will officially become certified in late summer of 2016. Betty Phelps Refior donated the 226-acre farm in north central Indiana to Michael Fields Agricultural Insititue in 2013 and it has been a dream of Betty’s to have a portion of the farm dedicated to bees. Longer term, the Institute plans to use the farm to promote organic farming and continue to stress the import role that bees play in pollinating crops. It has been said that if the bees were to disappear, the human race would follow four years later.  It is through the generous gifts of people like Betty Refior that Michael Fields Agricultural Insititue has the opportunity to spread the word that there is an alternative to high input, conventional agriculture.  For more information and to learn about other projects taking place at the Institute, please check the website: www.michaelfields.org