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“Keep your soil. Keep your money.”

That clever slogan is from a watershed group in Barron County. Farmers in the Uplands Watershed group also were interested that the Farmers for Lake Country had created road signs recognizing members of the group. Discovery Farms discussed setting up on-farm data gathering, starting with, “Know why you want to gather the data, what you’re going to do with it, and who your audience is before you even get started. Planning takes the bulk of your time and sets the framework for the work.”

The list was long of take-homes from the December 13 annual statewide workshop of watershed groups in Wisconsin Agriculture Department’s Producer Led Watershed Protection program. With a growing number of groups around the state and four that gave presentations, there was a lot to share. MFAI’s Policy Program Director, Margaret Krome,facilitated an afternoon session among watershed group collaborators and partners to discuss opportunities and challenges among different groups.