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Kiva Zip & 0% Interest Farm Loans

From Cornell University’s Small Farms Program Newsletter:
0% Interest Farm Loans of up to $10,000 Available Through Kiva Zip

Kiva Zip is a crowdfunding platform providing 0% interest loans to entrepreneurs. Note that these are loans, not grants, so they do need to be repaid, but there is no other source of loan money with zero hidden fees and zero percent interest. Lenders on Kiva Zip particularly love to support farmers! So if you’ve been needing a small amount of capital to purchase equipment, build a small facility, smooth out cash flow, or support your farm in any way, check out Kiva Zip. Kiva operates on social capital, so you don’t need to share your credit history or financial statements, or even a business plan, to get funding. Just about anyone can apply. If you want your loan to fundraise more quickly on Kiva Zip, and you have taken one of the Cornell Small Farms Program’s online courses, you can request our endorsement after you’ve applied for the loan. The Cornell Small Farms Program is a Kiva Zip Trustee, and lenders tend to preferentially support loans with the backing of a Trustee. To learn more, visit the Kiva Zip website.

Grants Advisor Note: Some of the online courses (link above) are open to those outside of the Northeast region. Some are only applicable to farming in that region. They are not currently taking any enrollments, but via the link above you can get newsletters about them.