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Krome Ends Stint as NSAC Interim Coalition Director

“It’s been an honor to serve the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition,” said Margaret Krome, MFAI’s Policy Director, as she ended her ten-month stint as Interim Coalition Director July 15, with just one trip to Washington, D.C. remaining to help her successor, Sarah Hackney, transition into her job. “Sarah brings a wealth of experience with the movement and with NSAC, a tremendous sense of good process, a track record of advancing racial equity – and much more. She will be an outstanding Coalition Director,” said Krome.

In her parting monthly update to NSAC members last week, Krome noted, “I won’t one bit miss the travel, logistical, and work congestion challenges of this year, but I certainly feel fortunate to have been able to witness and help support the intense focus that NSAC’s staff, members, and OC leadership bring to the priorities of our Coalition. The reason for our policy successes continues to be that this Coalition listens intently, adjusts as needed, and works nonstop to optimize every opportunity for policy change. The organization is in fundamentally strong shape.”

Krome expressed her gratitude to the Chair of NSAC’s Organizational Council, Eowyn Corral, whom she called her “personal NSAC hero,” and to MFAI’s staff and Board for stepping up and supporting her work to serve NSAC this year. “This year has demonstrated what a mission-led team MFAI really is, and I appreciate the open-hearted support that each person provided,” she said.