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LAST CHANCE! Stateline Farm Beginnings Still Taking Applications!

This is the last chance to apply for Stateline Farm Beginnings 2013-2014!

The Stateline Farm Beginnings® Application and Information Packet for Year 9: 2013-2014 is still available and the packet is available online.
The new application deadline is September 23rd, 2013.
All SFB applications must be postmarked by September 23rd, 2013. Our Stateline Farm Beginnings® program will be entering its 9th year in October 2013 and has produced 122 graduates. We are pleased to say that 72% of our Stateline Farm Beginnings® graduates are currently farming! The information in this packet provides you with a draft program schedule for Stateline Farm Beginnings, graduate web pages, a list of the 2013 CRAFT Field Day workshops, the Land Stewardship Project Farm Beginnings® fact sheet, and an application form.Please feel free to share this information. If you have any questions about the application or SFB sessions, please send an email to statelinefarmbeginnings@learngrowconnect.org.Thank you for your interest in Stateline Farm Beginnings!