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Lilli Sydänmaa (Research intern)

She studied forestry at the University of Helsinki and is still doing a master degree in this same specialty. Although she has a deep knowledge in this topic, Lilli hopes that Michael Fields will provide her other points of view in environmental issues. This is the main reason which brought her to the States and to the Institute in particular.

“I’m interested in researching in the forests, but I also want to investigate more about nature and sustainable agriculture in general. I think that all of us have to live more sustainably. People have to be more aware about where the food comes from and know more about what they are eating”.

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute has strived for the past 30 years to advance sustainable farming practices with groundbreaking research. Already knowing about this, Lilli expects to absorb substantial knowledge from the researchers who work at the Institute and she expects to apply it in her professional career. Actually, her dream is to go back to Finland to work in a national park. But Lilli cannot stand still at the moment and she wants to keep travelling abroad. She has been working and doing voluntary activities in several countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Greenland and Sweden, She knows that the States won’t be the last place for her. She loves the climate and the landscape of New Zealand and Lilli would like to visit this island and work there for a while.

One of her passions is hiking. She loves the North of Finland for the gorgeous landscape which allows her to have long walks for hours and hours surrounded of nature. For the moment, this Finnish student has stopped at Michael Fields for a few months and we are happy to have her at the Institute working in the corn breeding program.

Welcome Lilli!