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Looking Forward to 2016

I was looking through my notes for 2015 and was pleasantly surprised to find we did accomplish our goals for the year. I had goals of reducing tillage and experimenting with living mulches and no-till systems, of improving the student program by offering a beginner’s and advance track, and of increasing our support network through farmers’ markets, Facebook and community events.

Of these goals and achievements, I’d have to say increasing our community of friends has been the most rewarding. Seeing the same group every week at the farmers’ markets and chatting about their meal plans or summer vacations was wonderful. Having so many attend our events such as Reading in the Garden and our Farm to Table Dinner was inspiring. It helps us go that extra mile and makes the long days and body aches worth it!

It’s been fun looking back over the season as I get my paperwork in order and begin making plans for the next season. Our Wisconsin Foodie episode is now online and will be airing on PBS channels throughout the state this month. So many reminders of why I do what I do and how I can love it so much.